The Company
Who Are We?

The Company
Who Are We?

Mission Statement
Move Language Ahead is committed to providing industry leading safe, educational, and cultural programmes to students from around the world.
Students, families, and agents from around the world have chosen MLA for the quality of our language courses, for the established trust of our brand, and for the meticulous attention to detail in our packages. The MLA formula for a summer centre is a unique blend of many full-day and half-day excursions, an amazing activity programme and specialized language path. In this way we have broken the barriers of the traditional summer language course.

MLA works exclusively with accredited agents throughout the world. We rely on our relationships with these agencies to produce students and groups. Our global sales team will support your agency throughout every step of the booking process and delivery of our exceptional programmes.

Core Values

Honesty: fair business practices, clear expectations, what we sell is what we provide.
Compassion: We understand that working with students and families can be challenging; we are your partner.
Caring: we provide world-class student care prior to departure and during our courses from our well-trained staff and welfare managers to our comprehensive insurance packages.
Leadership: we are a team of dedicated professionals with combined hundreds of years of experience in the industry committed to creating the best programs and experience for everyone.
Generosity: We recognize that we are a small part of a big world; from our efforts to be a ‘green’ company with a focus on the environment to the thousands of dollars the company and students have donated to Save The Children over the years we understand our role in creating a better tomorrow.

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