Our Staff
at your Centre

Our Staff
at your Centre

A team of supervisors will guarantee, control the quality of services in all MLA Centres


The team’s supervisors duty is to inspect all the centers, supervise the work of the staff abroad and assist students and group leaders with close monitoring of all the activities of the summer course.

The supervisors are highly experienced in the field, and their presence on site will provide fundamental support to all the staff working in all MLA centres.

Safety and security are ensured by continous inspections, which guarantee the exact correspondence between services agreed and services actually provided.

The choice of the staff is critical in the safety of students and for the smooth running of a summer course centre. therefore, MLA conducts safeguarding checks on all employees working with young learners. our team includes;


“Centre Director” – directs the centre, coordinates the actions of all the staff, and monitors and supports the entire MLA team to ensure the satisfaction of the students and the quality of theservice provided.


“Medical Doctor” – an international md or medic who will monitor the health of the participants and provide necessary medical interventions, first aid, and consultations.


“Director of Studies” – responsible for the organisation of the language courses and educational activities included in the programme, the supervision of teachers, and the smooth running of lessons and students’ progress.


“Activity Manager” – in charge of the coordination of the activity leaders, they oversee the excursions and social events, as well as sports and leisure activities during the programme.


“Welfare Manager” – deals with the care, protection and wellbeing of the students, taking into account the different needs related to culture, age, preferences, or any other special requirements.


“Teachers” – our english teachers are experienced in the teaching of english to international students. they teach through a combination of activities and tasks to enable and encourage students to maximise their language skills inside the classroom in particular through speaking.


“Activity Leaders” – front line team members who play a key role in motivating students to participate in all planned activities. the team interacts with the students to help them practice their english, socialise, and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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