Complaints procedure

Often a student can address his or her complaint to the staff member and the problem may be resolved between them and the student. If a student feels his or her complaint has not been adequately addressed, or in cases where a student wishes to lodge a complaint with the school about its admissions, attendance, or academic progress policies or how any one or more of these policies is being implemented, that student may address his complaint to the Academic Team or UK Director.


If either the student making the complaint or the member of staff to whom the complaint has been addressed is not satisfied that the issue has been adequately resolved, then either the student or the MLA staff member may approach the UK Director or Academic Team.


After a thorough review of the student’s complaint, the Director will issue a ruling on the student’s complaint. This ruling will normally be considered final.


If unresolved, students can contact English UK


English UK 47 Brunswick Court
Tanner Street London, Se1 3LH