Our English language classes focus on developing English communication through common topics and tasks specifically written and designed for young learners. Communication, interaction and language production is focus for our language programmes.

Our book, TASKtime written specially for young learners, has clear lesson aims and outcomes for each lesson and includes speaking skills and pronunciation tasks suitable for each level ranging from Elementary (A2) to Advanced (C1). TASKtime and English language lessons are supplemented with a range of materials including EFL course-books, photocopiable & online materials, role-play & information gaps, vocabulary games, centre location tasks and language connections between activities and excursion.

Hours of tuition

30 hours of tuition in two weeks, usually 15 hours per week. Students regularly study between 3 to 4 hours a day*.
*At the London Roehampton centres it could be up to 8 hours a day. Some US centres have 6 hours of lessons per day.

Class sizes

Maximum class size of 16 students. Students 18+ will be accommodated in separate classes from those ages 11-17.

Times of classes

Times can vary depending on the centre ranging from;
Morning classes 8:30 to 13.30
Afternoon classes 14.00 to 18:30

Levels & lessons

General English courses for students from Elementary (A2) to Advanced (C1).
Online pre-arrival test taken to place students in classes from day one.
Spoken and listening assessments confirms the student’s level at the centre.
Daily progress marks given by teachers for effort and achievement Mid and end of course assessments form part of the programme Record of work and certificates completed digitally.

During our courses, you can expect to:

• Practice and use of English to complete tasks.
• Speak and listen to English being used.
• Improve pronunciation
• Acquire and practise new vocabulary.

MLA Language Path

Online Pre-Arrival Test

Go straight to your class on the first day of lessons; Taking our online pre-arrival test will challenge your reading comprehension, active listening, grammar, and vocabulary skills. When stduents arrive at the MLA centre they will have been pre-placed in a class of no more than 16 students that suites their langauge ability.


Our industry leading task-based coursebooks written specifically for young learners and are given to each student in one of five levels from A2 to C1 in either British or American English. These coursebooks will provide the framework for our daily lessons; Tasks and topics aim to develop communication and comprehension. Students keep the books at the end of their course to take home with them to contniue reviewing and learning.

MLA Student Portfolio

At the end of the course students will receive a customized Student Portfolio with all the infomration from their MLA course. This report includes a company background, an attendance summary, daily record of work, and comprehensive End of Course Report with feedback on detailed evaluation on seven critical areas of English learning. We also include links and suggestions on the student can continue their course at home.


Students will each receive a personalized certificate according to the level achieved according to CEFR; the common European framework ranging from Elementary (A2) to Advanced (C1). Studsent will receive both a hard copy and electonic certificate. These certificates bare the logos of our regional accreditations signaling the highest qualioty standards of for our MLA tuition programme.

MLA Chit Chat Club

There are areas available to mla students where they can meet our team and continue listening/comprehension/speaking activities in a natural environment. this approach allows students to practice language through continuous contact with native speakers.

Recognised examinations

In some of our summer centres, for an additional charge, we can provide exam courses and tests such as trinity gese (graded examination in spoken english).these examinations are ideal as a motivational goal for students.

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