Accommodation options
The most famous universities and exclusive public schools

Accommodation options
The most famous universities and exclusive public schools

Among the many things that makes MLA stand out is the carefully curated collection of accommodations you will find at all of our centres. Ranging from picturesque college campuses with on-site residential accommodations to esclusive boarding schools, we offer the perfect accommodation for your language course.

Residential Accommodations

Students will be living in specially built accommodation designed for students. This may be on-campus (College), or in a building a short distance away from the place of study (Hall of residence). Students 18+ will be housed separately from students ages 11-17 in accordance with our MLA Safeguarding Policy.


The college offers a cheerful, lively and fun environment, promoting group living, encouraging conversation and creating an atmosphere in which the students can continuously interact with students from other countries and the MLA Team. We have chosen colleges amongst the most famous universities and exclusive public schools. All colleges are equipped with a number of sports facilities, common rooms for students to meet, and most of them are surrounded by open green spaces.
Language courses and recreational activities take place within the campus, allowing maximum safety and convenience for the students, who can use all of the sports and recreational facilities when in the MLA activity programme. Our programmes are full board as indicated in each centre and all meals are available at the college canteens. Accommodation is provided in rooms with single or multiple beds and some centres also have rooms with private ensuite bathrooms.


Hall of Residence

Hall of residences are particularly suitable for students who love big cities and want to live an urban life. The main difference between colleges and university residences it that classrooms, sports facilities and the canteen are usually placed outside the complex. This allows students to regularly leave the main building to take advantage of all the activities offered in our programme by making the summer experience more independent.


At select centres, students will have the chance to live in an English-speaking host family, truly putting their English-speaking skills to use, and learning and living their culture and lifestyle. Host families are selected with great care and rigorous standards. Families are located either close to the college, or just a short bus or tube ride away. Students will have to pay their own fares.

The accommodation is provided in a twin room with full board (meals provided at the college or in the home). Host family details will be sent a few days before the departure date. Sometimes host families can consist of one or two family members who will, of course, meet the requirements requested of hosting students in a comfortable confident manner. In the event that the family does not perfectly match the required standards for evident reasons, we will immediately provide a suitable replacement.

The Hotel

We do offer alternative accommodation options for all year round Mini-Stay groups to give our students the best experience in city centres. Therefore, hotel accommodation is provided in three- or four-star hotels, which are particularly suited to the needs of our students’ during their stay. Double or multi-bedded rooms with ensuite bathrooms is the standard. Such additional amenities in our hotels may include swimming pools, fitness centers, in-room televisions, WiFi, and restaurants.

Our Promise

We have heard from our students and agents that accommodations are among the most important items that impact their course satisfaction. We want to ensure that you see is what you get! MLA has taken a proactive approach to give our guests all the tools to see and experience the accommodations you choose.

Photo Galleries

Our staff hand selects every accommodation prior to publishing them. We go through great lengths to provide you with high resolution, first-person point of view, color photography that can be viewed and downloaded. These pictures are important for our agents to use in their marketing as well as the students to see exactly what they will receive when they arrive at an MLA centre.

3-D Floor Plans

Many of our MLA centres have custom, three-dimensional floor plans which can be viewed in order to see the configuration of the accommodations. These cutting-edge tools are the perfect way to see the bathroom ratios, furniture, and other in-room amenities you will find inside your MLA centre room.

Virtual Tours

Many of our MLA centres have professional virtual tours that can be viewed online, using virtual glasses, or on your tablet. Our virtual tours will take you inside the student accommodations, bathrooms, and common rooms; as well as dining halls, sports facilities, classrooms, and other spaces utilized by MLA.

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