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1/2/3 weeks

Surrounded by 150 acres of green areas, it’s located in Kent amongst the stunning White Cliffs, just a short distance from Dover. The school was recently rebuilt and has invested a lot in sports and leisure activities as an integral part of the students’ life. The core of the college is the academic building with modern and spacious classrooms and common rooms.

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Language Path

20 English lessons: 15 hours of classroom instruction
Online placement test
MLA Taskbooks: five student eBooks designed for the needs of learners of all levels of English
MLA Portfolio: learning resources, daily evaluation and attendance record, day by day topics, tasks completed and material used
E-board: a record of the learning progress by monitoring the students’ attendance, the content developed in class, the topics and teaching aid used during the lessons


Certificate of attendance
End of course report
Graduation Ceremony

Chit Chat Club: speak and practise the language with our MLA Team


Full board en-suite accommodation in single/twin rooms.

Start dates

23/03, 30/03, 6/04

Combo Meal

One English breakfasts
MLA Prepaid Meal Card during excursions

MLA Care

MLA Welfare Manager responsible for students’ wellbeing


MLA Online Test
MLA TASKtime eBooks
MLA Student Portfolio
1 Half day Excursion
MLA Prepaid Meal Card
MLA Backpack and Lanyard
MLA Social Programme

5-Month online Pre-Departure Language Course with live teachers for Free!





One half-day excursion by private bus and staff assistance:
White Cliffs of Dover; England’s chalky coastline marvel, steeped in history and offering breathtaking views across the English Channel

Add admission to local attractions
Dover Castle; Canterbury; Leeds Castle; Broadstairs.
The optionals listed are just an example, more destinations/activities/attractions are available on request.


MLA DAYS, make everyday a holiday:
MLA Kitchen students can practise English and learn how to make some easy and tasty local dishes
MLA Sports students will get active and have fun with the many different sports to choose
MLA Art fun and creative art projects, drawing, painting
MLA Magic learn little spells and tricks


MLA NIGHTS, when the sun goes down the party starts:
MLA Music talent show, karaoke
MLA Movie the best movies for a chilled night
MLA Disco special theme party nights
MLA Games many challenges and activities to keep our students focused and practise their English

Sample programme

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